23 August, 2021

Was Trump Threatened by Big Finance?

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Donald Trump gave a speech in Alabama on August 21, 2021. In that speech, he surprisingly suggested to his followers that they should get the Covid-19 “jab.” That idea went over like a loud fart in church, of course. He was booed.

Then, two days later, the FDA announced that the Covid-19 “jab” has been officially approved, after only 8 months. Which is odd. Usually, it takes years for the FDA to approve something.

Just a Cohencidence?

Did Big Finance (i.e., Big Jewish Finance) threaten Trump over the Covid “vaccine”? Did it say, “push the jab in your speech, or we’ll cancel your bank accounts?” It’s possible. Indeed, it’s likely [1]. I can’t imagine Trump pushing “the jab” on his own. (On that same note, I’ll go further than that: I think that the main reason that Trump did not declare martial law in November 2020, right after the election steal, was because he was threatened with perpetual financial and banking troubles if he did so. Indeed, one bank in Florida canceled Trump’s account circa December 2020 for no good reason except politics).


[1] the famous poet Ezra Pound on the Jews:

“Pound identified Jewish money lenders, bankers, and financiers as the most destructive of the economic elites….Pound held that exploiters emanating from this peculiar race had undermined every society they had entered.” [Here].

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