10 September, 2021

Burning Man and the War on Art

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“The basic problem, as I see it, is that we are living in a time utterly devoid of real art. By that I mean art of beauty, subtlety and elevation. Sure, it still exists in museums, but almost nobody alive is now creating it. If they are, nobody cares. What is more, it didn’t just die out naturally. It has been killed with malice aforethought…”

Yes. Since the 1960s, there has been a war on real (i.e., White western) art. It began slowly and now it’s at full intensity. Ugly art is “pushed” everywhere. Just watch any Hollywood movie: the main character will be sitting in a chair, for example. Behind him, hanging on a wall, very visible to the viewer, will be an “art work” that looks like a retarded 5-year-old spilled paint on a canvas. You’ve seen it many times. It’s standard for most movies since 1965 or so. (Read Tom Wolfe’s 1975 book “The Painted Word”; more about crappy art and who brought it: see Chapter 26 in this .PDF file).

[a .PDF file].

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