2 September, 2021

Expert Says: Neocons Used Afghanistan War in an Attempt to Protect Israel

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Please recall what I have said many times: “anything that happens in the Middle East is ultimately about Israel.” This interview provides a good example of that.

Here is Lawrence Wilkerson (a former U.S. Army colonel and chief of staff to U. S. Secretary of State Colin Powell) in a video interview with Mnar Adley. Wilkerson says that U.S. neoconservatives, “from 2001 to 2005,” planned the Afghanistan War in order to de-stabilize Iran. And he names names as well (Jewish names, big surprise, since the neocon movement is 99.5% a Jewish movement). That war idea was thought by the neocons to be able to protect Israel by “de-stabilizing the whole region” with infighting, i.e., the region’s Muslim countries would wage war against each other rather than against Israel.

[Video; see beginning at the 24 minute mark].

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