15 September, 2021

Scotland: 80 Percent of Covid Deaths Were In Vaccinated People

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Well, Brother John and Jesus H. Marx! This is astounding. Is the ugly truth finally here? When will the 40-year prison sentences be handed down? (i.e., the prison sentences for all of the 20 or so “public health experts” who knowingly pushed “the deadly and fake jab” onto the Western world? And don’t talk about the ridiculous idea of “immunity from prosecution” because this is waaaay too big, messy and loud for that. This is wholesale murder or at the very least wholesale voluntary manslaughter).

“Public Health Data: 80% of Covid-19 Deaths in August Were Vaccinated People”


“But couple the partly vaccinated deaths with the fully vaccinated deaths and you can see that throughout August 80% of deaths occurred among the vaccinated population.”


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