28 September, 2021

The New, New Left and How It Is Different

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This is about the political Left in America.

First, there was the Old Left (circa 1930). It concerned itself mostly with labor and social class (rich vs. poor) issues.

Then, there was the New Left (circa 1964-onward). It was less focused on labor, and more focused on race, sex/gender, youth, big capitalism, and the Vietnam War.

Now, we’ve got the New, New Left (NNL, circa 1987-onward). It’s different from the New Left in some ways, e.g., it is more extreme and severe. For example, it demands that the majority of the U.S. population “bend to the will of very tiny minority groups” (e.g., transsexuals, who must make up only .2% of the U.S. population. That’s far less than one percent! Very tiny!). Also, the NNL is entirely based on Jewish-founded “critical theory” [1][2]. That means that everything about White Western culture must be harshly criticized, to the point of often banning White Western culture entirely. For example, beginning in circa 1987, the universities began ending “Western Civilization” courses, which were previously mandatory and for good reason. Today, no universities mandate Western Civ courses, and in fact, such courses likely cannot be found anywhere. Whitey has not only been severely critiqued and slammed, but he’s been banned from important areas of public life (in a country that Whitey founded!).


[1] “critical theory” (aka “radical theory”) means just that: “criticize everything White. Tear it down, pick it apart and find fault anywhere and everywhere.” Critical theory is a Jewish construct, coming first from Karl Marx and later from the Frankfurt School and CLS/CRT. Examples of “criticizing” would be:

“There is severe racial inequality in America!”
“America is an oppressive, hetero-patriarchal society!”
“American society must be dismantled in order to end systemic racism!”
“America was founded on racism and sexism!” (but strangely, every Black and Brown person on earth wants to permanently move to America! Must not be so bad after all!)

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    1. Wewelsburg Sunwheel Says:

      They are the party of the Big Tech Bolsheviks and the crony capitalists, they are the fascists that they claim to be fighting.
      That is using the Mussolini classical definition of fascism, a merger of corporate and state.
      The NSDAP “fascism” was actually workable and the last best chance for humanity, sadly that was rejected and now manboons will pay the price.