22 October, 2021

A List of Human Race Differences (Updated Oct. 2021)

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A List of Human Race Differences (first posted in May, 2021; updated/edited mid-October 2021)

1. Human hair density (i.e., head hairs per square inch) differs by race: Whites have the highest, followed by Asians, and lastly by Blacks, who have the lowest hair density; Black hair is woolly (unless treated); also, both Blacks and Whites have thinner hair diameters than Asians. Whites have round or oval hairs (in cross-section), while Blacks have flattened hairs and Asians have round hairs (in cross-section).

2. Blacks have smaller red blood cells than Whites.

3. Blacks have less hemoglobin than Whites.

4. Blacks have a longer tibia (shin bone) than Whites.

5. Blacks have narrower hips and longer legs than Whites.

6. Blacks scar differently. Their scars are keloids (raised, thick scars). Whites? Not so much, ditto Asians.

7. Black have bigger teeth, with thicker tooth enamel, than Whites.

8. Blacks have roughly 12% less lung capacity if they are the same age/height as Whites.

9. Blacks have greater bone density than Whites — which could be why Blacks frequently drown, since denser bones make them heavier and give them a disadvantage in water.

10. East Asians have dry earwax, whereas wet earwax is found in the other races.

11. Blacks have more apocrine glands (sweat glands) than Whites. But Asians have less of them than Whites.

12. Blacks’ apocrine glands are the largest and most active, leading some people to label the pungent post-exercise smell of Blacks “nig funk.”

13. American soldiers in the Vietnam War have said that they could often smell North Vietnamese soldiers in the dense jungle before they saw them. This is likely due to both Asian genetics and diet.

14. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is more common in Asians.

15. Blacks have higher blood pressure (hypertension) than Whites, even when adjusting for diet and stress.

16. Blacks have more testosterone than Whites, making them more aggressive and giving Black men a higher rate of prostate cancer than Whites.

17. Blacks are less cautious and more impulsive than Whites.

18. Black marriages are less stable than White marriages.

19. Asians have shorter legs than Whites.

20. Blacks have AIDS much more often than Whites, and they die from it faster. Blacks don’t respond well to drugs used for AIDS treatment.

21. Only Blacks have U negative blood.

22. Organ donors: kidneys and other organs are classified by race because Blacks frequently cannot tolerate organs from other races. Their bodies reject the new organs.

23. Blacks have governed Haiti for over 200 years. There are no Whites in Haiti to “oppress” the Blacks, yet, Haiti is a total failure, just like Africa. This is good proof that Blacks are incapable of succeeding in the world on their own. The U.S. has given tons of money to Haiti yet it’s still a toilet (“Haiti has received billions in foreign assistance, yet persists as one of the poorest countries.” — Wikipedia, May 2021).

24. Skull features: Blacks have square nasal openings. Whites have triangular nasal openings.

25. Blacks have wider shoulders than Whites, and a longer arm span than Whites.

26. The brains of Whites are on average five cubic inches larger than the brains of Blacks.

27. “Black/African Americans have the highest mortality rate of any racial and ethnic group for all cancers combined and for most major cancers.” — says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. An observation: Blacks should pay more for health insurance than Whites since they have more health problems than Whites, even when they eat the same diet as Whites and they live in the same neighborhoods as Whites. But you can imagine the media outcry if an insurance company tried to charge Blacks more for health insurance!

28. Laboratory tests for the following in humans:

albumin, ALT, bicarbonate, calcium, CPK, creatinine, GGT, hematocrit, hemoglobin, iron, mean cell volume, monocyte percent, platelet count, RBC, total bilirubin, total cholesterol, total protein, triglycerides, and uric acid

reveal that those chemicals vary significantly by race. For example, Asians have lower levels of creatinine, hematocrit, hemoglobin, mean cell hemoglobin, mean cell hemoglobin concentration, and mean platelet volume. See the study “Racial/Ethnic-Specific Reference Intervals for Common Laboratory Tests: A Comparison among Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites” in Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Health, Sept. 2015.

29. White athletes have more physical endurance, but less “quick and explosive” sports ability than Blacks. A negro can jump and sprint much faster “out of the gate” than a White man, due to having a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscles. If you’ve ever seen a negro suddenly run from the police while being questioned, you can understand this: the negro bolts and disappears in 2 seconds flat. Like he was launched out of a cannon. (Fast-twitch muscles are anaerobic and fatigue quickly. Slow-twitch muscles are aerobic and are fatigue-resistant. West African Blacks have 70 percent fast-twitch muscles/30 percent slow-twitch muscles, making them very fast sprinters. East African Blacks, however, are built for endurance and have high percentages of slow-twitch muscles).

30. Many Blacks are lactose-intolerant (i.e., they can’t digest milk). Ditto most Asians, and many Jews and Arabs.

31. Asians are more flexible than Whites or Blacks, making them great gymnasts and martial artists.

32. The sport of weight lifting is dominated by Eurasian Whites (e.g., Russians, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Georgians).

33. The Japanese have a low tolerance for alcohol. Contrast that to the Czechs, who are heavy drinkers. (Native Americans [American Indians] seem to become alcoholics faster than other races — one drinking binge and they’re hooked for life. Of course, the PC “health experts” will insist otherwise. But all studies about Indians and excessive alcohol drinking have been of the “self-reporting” type: Q: “How much alcohol do you drink per day?” A: “Uhhhhh, only three per day!” Yeah, sure, three quarts of whiskey per day).

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