5 October, 2021

Book Review: Levin and American Marxism

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Ultimately, Marxism isn’t about economics. It’s about destroying White Western culture; the “economics” part is just the necessary window dressing, the “delivery system” if you will [1]. Marx hated the White race with a passion and wanted to destroy it [2]. But how? Start a world revolution, that’s how! Make White People A and White People B fight. Marx wanted his communism to wreck the West, most especially England. But sadly for Marx, it didn’t happen. Communism turned East and wrecked Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. (At one point circa 1945, America could have been communized: the Soviet agent and Stalin-pal Harry “The Hop” Hopkins was “co-president” – he actually lived at the White House — and the U.S. State Department was full of communists. It could have happened. Thankfully, it didn’t).

“(Mark) Levin wants to save “our institutions” but misses that those institutions are already on the other side (witness their overwhelming support for nation-breaking immigration). Patriots must start challenging America’s managerial elite, not defending them.”

[Book Review].


[1] re: “delivery system”: consider, for example, street heroin: it’s mostly “delivery system” and very little drug (about 20% is the actual drug; the remaining 80% is starch, talcum powder, etc.).

[2] Jews are not genetically White, although they have “white” skin.

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