19 October, 2021

Filmmaker: the Great Unraveling of America 2020 Was About Trump and the Fear of a Rightist, Populist Hero

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A Video, Explained In Four Parts

The Unraveling of the West 2020/The Great Reset was based around Donald Trump (i.e., removing him from office, discrediting him and his millions of followers, discrediting right-wing populism in general, denying Trump’s great economy, discouraging others worldwide from following in Trump’s footsteps, etc. The Jews are global thinkers. They were worried that right-wing populism was going to spread to Europe, and it partially has, e.g., the Brexit success in January 2020 and France’s “yellow vests” movement in 2018 [1]. But, The Great Reset didn’t work. Daily, momentum against it is building. People are getting fed up with Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden and “Havana” Harris and the Covid-19 bullshit; there are massive public protests in Europe right now. Once again, the Jews and the Left overreached badly. One expert has said that the Democratic Party is doomed after The Big Biden Blunder).

Part 1

The filmmaker says (paraphrasing): “there’s a modern savior lurking around (guess who), a man seen by the public as a cultural savior, and he’s seen as a big threat, so they (the Deep State) stamp out anything that looks patriotic, anything that looks like people fighting for freedom, anything that looks like a right-wing thing, a Trump thing…and the people fail to grasp the seriousness of them and the actions that they are committing against the people…we can’t be afraid to fight back…(he ends with: “but we will win, I’m sure of it”) (start at the 27 minute mark).

Part 2

Young college idiots talk to the same filmmaker about “democratic socialism” being a wonderful thing, when in fact, these young people don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about. They’re very stupid. They couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a mirror. They’re retarded adults, just parroting what some Jew in NYC told them. (circa 48:00 minute mark).

Part 3

America is very much the last stand. If America dies, then freedom in the West dies (this is true) (start at 57:00 minutes).

Part 4

An emerging One World Order (NWO/Global Government) (beginning at the 1 hour, 8 minute mark).

[Video, 1 hour, 19 minutes].


[1] the “yellow vests” movement began as a reaction to French President Emmanuel Macron’s “green” tax on fuel. The movement contained both right-wing and left-wing populists. The movement forced President Macron to “turn rightward” (or at least “talk rightward”)

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