23 October, 2021

Not Getting to the Root of the Problem

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Re: Cultural Marxism: the Italian gentile Antonio Gramsci is a red herring. He was a late-comer. He only wrote about Cultural Marxism while in prison under Mussolini’s rule circa 1929. Contrast that to the Jew, Georg Lukacs, who was actually using Cultural Marxism much earlier: in schools in 1919 Hungary (he was the Hungarian Minister of Culture). Importantly, I don’t see the word “Jew” anywhere in this essay below, even though Marxism and Cultural Marxism are both Jewish constructs. (In fact, everything on the Left since circa 1850 is ultimately a Jewish construct, beginning with Moses Hess and Karl Marx. The Jews even spread Marxism into China, for God’s sake, e.g., the Jews Grigori Voitinsky, Adolph Joffe, Manfred Stern, aka, Emilio Kléber, Sidney Rittenberg, Israel Epstein) [1]. If you’re not “naming the Jew” as the problem, then you’re playing patty-cake in the sandbox with the kiddies.

“Antonio Gramsci, and also members of what is known as the Frankfurt School, would develop the idea that communism could infiltrate the West only if the dominant culture that bound the workers and the owners was torn down – replaced by a culture built from the bottom.”



[1] Re: China, see also the 2012 article “A Jew in Mao’s China” by Laura Goldman.

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