23 October, 2021

Online Book, or, Central Banking and the Jews

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Robin: “Holy Hebrews, Batman! Almost every war in history has been caused by oily Jewish bankers!”

Batman: “Exactly, Robin. And we could deal with those pesky Jewish bankers, except for one small problem. Certain people won’t let us deal with them.”

Robin: “Who, Batman, who?? The Hare Krishnas? Chinese midgets? The Black Lesbian Guerilla Army?? People who eat liverwurst??”

Batman: “Not quite, Robin. It’s the Christians. They won’t let us bring the Jewish money-men to justice. They seem to think that Jesus was a Jew. They seem to think that Jews are normal, decent human beings — damn the foolishness of those Bible-thumpers, Robin!” (*slams his fist on table*).

Robin: “Holy Old Testament, Batman! What will we do?? How will we save mankind from the greasy money-men??”

Batman (pursing his lips while lost in deep thought): “Ohhhh, I have several ideas, Robin — most of them not very Christian!”

“A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind” by Stephen Mitford Goodson (originally published in 2014). [a .PDF file].

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