17 October, 2021

White People: the Real Progressives

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Liberals are, for some strange reason, called “progressives” (which of course isn’t true. They don’t make any progress at all. Destroying entire states, e.g., California, isn’t “progress”! They are instead “regressives” — ruining everything they touch).

Anyway, Brown people are stationary. They don’t make any progress either. For example, take Nicaragua. The people in Nicaragua are the same people today that they were 200 years ago. Yes, now they have White things, e.g., electricity, telephones, TV, indoor plumbing, computers, cars. But if you remove all of those White things, they are exactly the same people they were 200 years ago. As a people, they have made zero progress in 200 years. They’re like rabbits, or cows.

White people: the real progressives. In fact, I just might start calling myself a “progressive”!

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