3 October, 2021

Why Do Black People Exist?

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Seriously. No fooling. Why? They contribute…uhhh…what to the world? Burglary? Rape? Pimping? Crack cocaine? Street gangs? Decaying cities? “Muh dick” culture? What do they contribute to mankind? As near as I can tell, nothing. As near as I can tell, Black people are a waste of space, a waste of money, a huge burden on humanity. (A friend of mine said: “God doesn’t exist, because if He did, he wouldn’t have made Black people.” Indeed).

Tell ya what: name one great thing Blacks have given the world, and I’ll erase this post.

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    1. We're All South Africans Now Says:

      Don’t forget twerking and the Great Society!
      As LBJ said I’ll have those joggers voting CPUSA for 200 hundred years.
      I actually saw a Rastus at the Pik-N-Pak with a glown1gg3rs shirt on the other day in a WTF moment!
      The Kwan is in the process of self-immolation, salvage whatever you can.