13 November, 2021

Animals and Brown People: Similar in Many Ways

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I know a little something about animals.

I have told this story before, but it needs repeating.

An old man who spent most of his life around horses told me: “You must let the horse know who’s boss. If the horse senses that you are weak, that you are not the boss, he won’t fully obey you. In fact, that could get you killed, since the horse could suddenly disobey you at the worst possible moment — like just before he’s supposed to jump he stops dead cold and you go flying off of him. If you let that horse know that you’re the boss, and only you, not him, then you’ll be fine. If not, you’ll have endless trouble with him.”

Brown people are the same way as horses: if they sense that you, a White man, are weak, they will “walk all over you.” That’s the current problem: Brown people see White people as weak, as pushovers (which most of us are today). In 1955, we had spine. Today, we don’t. Today we are PC wimps who apologize for being White. (Circa 1985, I saw a Mexican guy say to a White guy: “Frank, you’re so…so White!” and then he laughed loudly. Had that happened in 1960, the snotty Mexican would have been given a bloody nose, at the very least).

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