6 November, 2021

Fun With Jewish Science

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Seen: a White writer talking about “climate-change science” with a straight face (okay, with a straight computer). Ha-ha-ha! That “science” is totally Jewed crap, ever since Earth Day 1970 and its founder, the Jew, Ira “The Killer” Einhorn, who murdered his White girlfriend. What a creep. (Today, the media says that Einhorn wasn’t the founder of Earth Day, after years of saying that he was! I guess killing your blonde girlfriend isn’t cool even with the leftists).

Anyway, there are many “Jewed sciences” and that is one of them. The other Jewed sciences are: medicine, and all of the humanities fields (i.e., anthropology, sociology, philosophy, history, literature, etc.). If you accidently walk into a humanities class in New York or California, the odds are great that the teacher will be named “Goldberg” or “Weinberg” or “Silverstein.”

White man, drop out of college. Now. Get a real job. Reject the Jewish sciences.

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