3 November, 2021

Proving the HollowSwindle Is Fake In One Sentence

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Seen on the web: “Prove the ‘official Holocaust narrative’ is fake in just one sentence.”

That’s easy:

“There were no huge piles of human ash reported by anyone.” Not by the Red Cross, not by allied troops, nobody reported giant piles of human ash around Auschwitz, Poland circa 1944.

Just one human cremation produces 5 to 7 pounds of ash/bone fragments, on average. (Cremation is hard work: once you cremate a body [which takes 4 hours now, and probably took 6 hours in 1944], you must then pulverize the remains, to break the bones and teeth into small pieces. Imagine doing that “6 million times” or even “5 million times”).

“Six million sweet, innocent, lovable dead yahoodies” X 6 pounds = 36 million pounds of human ash, or 18,000 tons (1 million pounds = 500 tons). That’s a truly incredible amount of ash to deal with, no matter how you deal with it! I’ve read dozens of Holocaust schoolbooks — written by people named “Goldberg” and “Silverstein” — and not one of those books mentioned piles of human ash in or around Auschwitz. (The Germans couldn’t bury the ash, since the water table around Auschwitz was high: too near the surface). A whole convoy of trucks would have needed to leave Auschwitz every month to dump the ash, thereby creating literally a mountain of ash somewhere near Auschwitz, even if you factor in normal winds, and also, teeth and bone fragments wouldn’t blow away. Where was this ash mountain? No photos? No citizen eyewitnesses? Nope. Nothing.

The Jews got what they wanted with the Holocaust fairy tale: the state of Israel in 1948.

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