5 November, 2021

The Gloves Come Off: the Health Bolsheviks Have Made It Official

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The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has handed down a Covid-19 workplace mandate, just like the communists used to do in the Soviet Union.

The new Marxist health rule, under an “Emergency Temporary Standard,” reads, in part (my comments are in bold text):

“As published, the rule affects employers with 100 or more employees (in other words: it affects wealthy White male employers who likely voted for Donald Trump and who risk bankruptcy if they try to enforce OR ignore the mandates; either way they lose; if even 30 workers quit it could spell doom) that are not (1) federal contractors or (2) health care facilities (those are subject to different regulations).”

“Employers have two options: (1) Mandatory vaccinations with exemptions for disabilities and sincere religious beliefs (as opposed to “insincere religious beliefs”?? And how could you tell the difference between the two??); or (2) Weekly testing (Gee, that won’t cost much!! And test with what? The bogus PCR test? Some other worthless test?) and face coverings for unvaccinated employees (look up “hypoxemia/hypoxia” vis-a-vis face masks; long-term mask wearing is dangerous) (If unvaccinated employees work outside, they do not have to mask).”

“That means if you are not vaccinated, for whatever reason, you must wear a mask in the workplace and visibly identify yourself as unvaccinated.” (Oh! Visibly singled-out like the Jews were in 1941? In other words, it’ll be like the “Jewish star” that was worn by all yids at Auschwitz, only now, the tables have turned 100%, and “the star” is for middle-class White people who voted for Donald Trump, since they are most likely to own large businesses and to “reject the jab”!)

This is not Constitutional. Covid-19 has a fatality rate of maybe 1%. Kids are nearly immune to it (if Covid-19 even exists at all — how would we know?? It could be just another Asian flu), so why are they acting like it has a fatality rate of maybe 30%?? This is pure Bolshevism and it would make Lenin proud.


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