19 November, 2021

The Jewemberg Tribunal, 1945

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The 1945/1946 Nuremberg Trials “cannot be justified by any line of reasoning.” — U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower’s brother, Edgar, who was a lawyer.

Newbies, if you want to know how corrupt and immoral the Jews are, just look at the Nuremberg Trials. In fact, those “trials” could not be held in America because the normal, legal rules of evidence were suspended. The entire thing was a scam. Even hearsay evidence was allowed. It was a total farce. But instead of admitting that it was a farce, the Jews and their water-carriers act like Nuremberg was legitimate.

Nuremberg has been called “Jew’emberg” because it was a Jewish creation, on a scale that would boggle your mind. Nearly every key player at Nuremberg was a Jew, from start to finish. It wasn’t law or justice. It was “Jewish revenge.” About 6 Jews created the entire Jew’emberg Tribunal: Jacob Robinson, Nehemiah Robinson, lawyer-turned-“Colonel” Murray Bernays, Colonel David “Mickey” Marcus, Samuel Rosenman, and a couple of others. Bernays found his inspiration for the Nuremberg circus in the Jew, Raphael Lemkin and his book “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe.” Even Nazi leader Hermann Göring’s interpreter was a Jewish woman: Edith Simon. Nuremberg was so Jewy as to be almost unbelievable. It was based on illegal, “ex post facto” law (i.e., laws that did not exist when the Nazis “committed” them. You can’t punish people for violating laws that didn’t previously exist! Appalling!).

“US House Reps Introduce Bill to Honor 101-Year-Old Nuremberg Trials Prosecutor With Congressional Gold Medal”


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