26 November, 2021

The Stampede of Cultural Marxism Through America: It Is Not Free Speech

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How much damage does Cultural Marxism (CM) have to do before it’s banned by law? [1]. If you say, “but CM is free speech,” no, it’s not. If a judge gives you a longer jail sentence due to his prior CM indoctrination, that’s not “free speech.” That’s “a violation of your Constitutional rights.” CM is not simply “free speech.” It’s a threat to our entire system of republican government: local, state and federal. Indeed, if 2021 is any indication, America may not survive CM.


[1] CM is “Marxism applied to culture rather than applied to economics.” The main feature of CM is “critical theory” (founded circa 1937 by Jews at Columbia University in NYC) which basically means “voices of authority criticizing the hell out of White Western culture” — which has led to things like the Summer 2020 riots and assaults and even murder such as we saw in the recent Waukesha parade attack. “Voices of authority” means especially university professors, and also politicians and celebrities. CM is based on lies and racial hatred.

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