31 December, 2021

Jews and Leftists: the Unhappy People

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Jews and leftists have one major trait in common: they are perpetually unhappy and dissatisfied.

Leftists are “Jews with less money.” It’s no accident that leftism (especially the New Left) is a Jewish construct.

But Jews are even more unhappy and dissatisfied than leftists. There’s no such thing as a happy Jew. Even the Jewish comedians are “crying on the inside.” And there’s no such thing as a satisfied Jew. Give a yid $100.00 for free and he’ll say “why did you only give me $100.00? Why not $200.00? You must hate Jews!” Moan, complain, bitch, argue, cry, whine, kvetch. That’s what Jews do. They are born crybabies. There isn’t a happy or content Jew on earth. In fact, there’s only one way the Jews could be happy: if everybody on earth was as miserable as they are. Then they’d be happy!

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