24 December, 2021

Key Quotes from the NA Magazines

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Quotes about communism, from the National Alliance articles “The Future of Capitalism” and “The Nature of Communism”:

This is very key: the best and the brightest White people were murdered under communism: in Poland, Russia, Latvia, Hungary, etc.

“But the tens of millions of butchered human beings who are communism’s victims are not these, nor were they struck down indiscriminately, as by flood or famine. They were, by and large, selectively murdered, and the criterion for their selection was excellence.

“A far more serious shortcoming of most socialist regimes, entirely aside from their failures or successes in production, lies in their Marxist philosophy – i.e., in their equalitarianism and in their purely economic view or man and history. It is for this reason alone, and not for any threat that it poses to private property or free enterprise, that communism is a deadly menace which must be thoroughly purged from the Western world, no matter what the cost of this task.”

(My comments: Dr. William Pierce called communism “a poisonous, anti-White creed.” It is! Communism is a weapon, not an ideology. Communism wasn’t meant to succeed. It was meant to destroy England – then the most successful White country on earth – but it moved East, instead of West, much to the horror of the Jewish communists).

“The Marxist, believing in the equal value and equal potential of all races and of every individual member of a given race, believing in the perfect malleability of human nature and individual character, seeing only economic forces and economic motives as the determinants of both collective and individual human behavior, and denying the role of the outstanding personality – the exceptional or gifted individual leader, thinker, or innovator in all human progress – jeopardizes the only true basis for man’s existence in the universe.”

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