15 December, 2021

Oh, No! Democracy Is Doomed!

Posted by Socrates in America, America as Wonderland, Cultural Marxism, democracy, democrazy at 1:41 pm | Permanent Link

Leftist #1: “Our democracy is being threatened!”

Leftist #2: “Oh, no! Blacks and retards won’t be able to vote for crooks who suck up to Israel!”

Leftist #3: “Illegal aliens won’t be able to vote in NYC and L.A.! This is so un-American! It’s fascism! It’s Hitlerian!” [1].

Leftist #4: “This is anti-transgender Nazism! Transgender women have the right to brainwash 6-year-olds in the public schools! Karl Marx said so!”



[1] see the news article “New York City Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote in Local Elections,” Arizona Sun Times, Dec. 11, 2021.

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