20 December, 2021

Oh, No!, or, Gender Hell

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I changed my gender. It only took a few minutes, and it was very liberating. But here’s the problem: there are now 112 different genders, and I don’t remember which gender I changed to!! Bigender? Girlboy? Boygirl? Girly-man? Genderfluid? Egogender? Nanogender? Pangender? Polyboy? It’s so confusing! Hamsterboy? Hamstergirl? Christ! I should have written it down…darn it…now I’m gonna have to change my gender again…this time I’ll put pen to paper…can you just invent your own gender? How about…half-hamster/half-dog? Hamdog??! Yeah!!

[List of different genders for 2021].

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