26 December, 2021

Women and Large Dogs

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Seen: a woman not controlling her large dog (it was on a leash) in public. The dog was controlling her. Heaven help the poor soul, or dog, who is attacked by that dog in public, e.g., at a park. This dog was huge, looked like a Black German Shepherd, and weighed maybe 80 pounds.

Women shouldn’t be allowed to walk large dogs in public (e.g., German Shepherds, Rottweilers).

Have you ever seen what happens when a woman tries to control a large dog which decides to go after another dog, or a human, in public? I have. It’s not pretty. The (leashed) dog bolts, drags the woman a few feet and then breaks free of her wimpy grip and attacks the target.

Upshot: If you cannot physically control a furry weapon (which the dog becomes when he bolts), then you shouldn’t be allowed to walk that weapon in public. Get a smaller dog for public strolls.

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