31 January, 2022

Diversity: It Makes America, Well, Better

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(based on an actual phone call)

(*Ring, Ring*)

Me: “Hello, is this the WXYZ Company?”

Woman with a strange, non-White accent: “&%^#$$@*&@#41$&$”

Me: “What, uuhhh…you…you want to have sex with my dog??”

Woman: “$%**#$%5@19&5^”

Me: “Oh. Uhhhmmm…that’s no help…do you have anyone there who speaks plain English?”

Woman: “%6#1*%7$$2*%^3”

Me: “Uhhhh…well, I’m glad that your dad has hairy arms, but I’m not sure I needed to know that…”

Diversity: because it’s always better when you can’t understand people!

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