1 January, 2022

How Evil Are They?

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First, leftists stole the November 2020 election [1]. Some of the theft was even caught on security cameras, e.g., in Atlanta, Georgia.

Then later, on New Year’s Eve/Day 2022, leftists go onto Twitter and preach about how vitally important it is to “save and preserve America’s democracy.” Are they friggin’ kidding??? My god, these people are pure evil. Like leftists give 2 shits about “democracy.” No, they don’t care about democracy, they care about power. Getting power and keeping it.


[1] the lamestream media claims that Joe Biden got a record 81 million votes in the November 2020 federal election. Yet, just before the election, whenever Biden gave a political rally, only 6 (six) people would show up, including 3 reporters. Does that sound like Biden “got 81 million votes”?

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