26 January, 2022

Q: Why the Insane U.S. Foreign Policies? A: Because of the Usual Suspects

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America “officially hates” whomever the Jews hate. And the Jews hate and fear Russia (but they should be hating/fearing China, which, if it doesn’t derail itself, will control the world soon. Won’t that be swell? White-hating chinks controlling the planet…what fun…and don’t forget who “grew” China into a global monster) [1].

“The State Department’s management of foreign relations is supposed to serve the interests of the American people, but has not actually done so for decades. Can anyone explain why Washington’s foreign policy during the decade 2010 to 2020 constantly hammered at Russia, which, if anything, should have been the one country with which the US would seek to have a respectful relationship.”



[1] the Jewish, Clinton Administration official Sandy “Socks” Berger (1945-2015) was the point-man for America’s truly insane China policy, which “grew” China from being a poor, agricultural nation into being a global economic and military powerhouse. By using various methods, Socks and the Gang helped China to take off like a rocket (pun intended): through American job outsourcing, Most-Favored-Nation trading status, American supercomputer technology, and other things, they helped China to grow amazingly fast. Within 20 years of the Clinton Administration’s generous and crazy “help,” China was a global slant-eyed monster.

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