11 January, 2022

The Banning of Ability Testing in America

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Ever notice how, since circa 1975, every test that measures human ability has been banned? Any test that measures IQ has been dropped. (IQ tests measure “the ability to recognize and solve problems”).

For example, employers used to give job applicants “ability tests” that were basically questions related to certain jobs. But those tests were found to be illegal (discriminatory) by the courts. Public schools used to give IQ tests to the kids, but now they either don’t give those tests at all, or they give the kids watered-down, too-easy tests, or multiple-choice tests that any fool could pass.

Why were all of those tests banned? Because Black and Brown people didn’t score very high on those tests. So instead of banning Blacks and Browns from workplaces and schools, they banned the tests! So now, there’s no way of knowing if the person you’re hiring is smart or dumb. It’s a crap-shoot for you, since you can’t always tell an idiot just by talking to him or reading his short work history. (One of my junior [i.e., two-year] college teachers circa 1997 was dumber than a rock, which made all of us students wonder, “how did this guy become a college teacher?”).

If you think it’s “just a coincidence” that Blacks score lower than Whites on every test they take, then you’re either a fool or a liar, and I’m guessing the latter, since I’ve heard drunk liberals admit that Blacks are idiots.

“Before the National Football League drafts new players, it puts them through a series of tests, such as how many times they can bench press 225 pounds and how quickly they can run 40 yards. The Wonderlic intelligence test is part of the process, and helps teams decide whom to pick. This week, the NFL announced it would stop giving the test to prospective players. Critics have long claimed that the test is useless in predicting success in the league, but the big problem is that blacks get the lowest scores.”


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