20 January, 2022

We Should Give Thanks to Covid, and, a New Meme

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A little White girl, praying at bedtime:

“…and thank you, God, for watching over Mommy and Daddy and my dog, Fluffy. Also, thank you, God, for Covid-19. It’s showing the entire world how unstable, unhinged and cruel the leftists really are. We always knew leftists were a little screwy, sure, but until now, we had no idea just how bat-shit crazy they are. They are all insane. Please prevent them from having kids and living near me!”

“Two years ago, how many people would have predicted that tennis’s number one ranked player would be banned from competing in Australia and France for refusing to allow their governments to decide what is injected into his body? How many people would have predicted the construction of internment camps to house citizens who similarly refuse to comply? How many would have predicted that national leaders of “democratic” countries would demand censorship of dissenting points of view? How many would have predicted that tech and media companies would eagerly jump at those calls for censorship by actively deleting from the public square any voices contrary to the official narratives sanctioned by those in power?” (There’s a new meme in the article: “Covid-1984”).


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