16 February, 2022

A Global Crime, Just as We Suspected. So Where Is Nuremberg II?

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A Russian expert: “Trump broke the transition to a post-capitalistic (neo-socialist) system.” [1][2]. So that’s why they had to steal the 2020 election and “coup” our President Donald Trump! It keeps coming back to Trump, as I have said before. No wonder they were pushing the Covid-19 vaccines and lockdowns so hard! No wonder the Covid mandates “made no sense.” No wonder the attempts to de-certify the 2020 election “go nowhere.” Even Republicans block the de-certification. Suddenly it all makes sense. Marching orders came down from 30 global elites. Billionaires. Right, George? Right, Bill? (Does Covid-19 even exist? I’ve never met anyone who has had Covid. A nurse (!) told me the same thing. Where are all of these “Covid cases”?).

Two big take-aways from what this Russian expert said:

1. Covid-19 was part of a global plan to destroy White Western culture as we know it. The plan would have wiped out blue-collar and white-collar Western culture and created a two-tiered, neo-socialist system: the elites on top and “everybody else” on the bottom. Key to this plan was to create a society that was “atomized” (a society broken into small fragments [and the nuclear family destroyed], with no values, no cohesion, just a “herd of mouth-breathing bipeds”). In plain English: the plan would have killed off White society as we know it by creating neo-socialism, complete with a “social-credit system” similar to China’s. This was attempted genocide. Note that genocide is an international crime, as outlined by the UN’s 1948 Genocide Convention. The U.S. government and all European governments signed and ratified the Genocide Convention. It’s an actual crime against humanity.

2. This was a global conspiracy of staggering proportions. So there must be another Nuremberg Trial. A dozen trials, in fact. Only this time, the court will be legitimate and legal. Hopefully, the trials will be televised for the whole world to see.

[Video, 1 hour].


[1] The Russian expert is Andrey Fursov: Historian, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences Izborsk Club, Russia. Associate professor, the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University. Editor-in-chief of the Oriental and African Studies journal. Supervisor of Fursov’s School of Analysis, Moscow University for the Humanities.

[2] I’d like to say that the above information surprises me, but it actually doesn’t: There has been a “war on White people” going on for a long time, since at least 1960, and some would date the beginning of the war much earlier than that. (One more thing: it seems likely that the global plan outlined above was due to be started later on, in 2023 or 2024. But the plan was started earlier because Trump’s being elected, and re-elected, caught the elites by surprise. They had to act too quickly and that’s why it didn’t work, that’s why it was half-baked).

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