26 February, 2022

Attention Out of All Proportion to Their Numbers

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Someone commented the other day that “for people who are unimportant freaks, homosexuals sure garner a lot of attention.”

Indeed! You would think that a tiny population of freaks would be very unimportant in the world, and would only generate maybe 20,000 returns in a Google search. But no! (Do you want proof that homosexuals are “freaks”? Okay: two queers — male/male or female/female — cannot make a baby. There. I just proved that they’re abnormal).

Results of a Google search for “gay”: “About 2,710,000,000 results” (note that that’s over 2 Billion!). By comparison, the “Beatles” got “About 205,000,000 results” — so, queers are wildly more “popular” than the Beatles, which is odd, since the Beatles had more #1 hit songs than anybody else. Of course, we can blame the Jewish media for that: the media “pushes” homosexuals like a drug dealer pushes cocaine.

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