24 February, 2022

Calling Them What They Are: a Global Mafia

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We rarely see the globalists being called what they really are: organized criminals. They are “a global mafia.” (One expert said that 30 or 40 globalists “run the world” and that seems accurate — doesn’t it, George?).

If you doubt that they are a mafia, consider: the globalists have already committed crimes that would make Sam Giancana envious. Let’s walk through some of the crimes:

Concerning the 2020 election theft (which was global in scope; other countries were involved), we see: election fraud, vote fraud, wire fraud, untold numbers of civil-rights violations (because voting is a right; they actually stole our votes), untold numbers of RICO Act violations, interfering with interstate commerce, etc.

Concerning the Covid-19 scam, we see: untold counts of murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit bodily harm, untold numbers of RICO Act violations, conspiracy to cause economic damage, mail fraud, wire fraud, interference with interstate commerce, conspiracy to disrupt medical/health systems, etc.

Concerning the plot to forcibly install socialism in the Western world, we see: conspiracy to commit White genocide, untold numbers of conspiracies to violate the civil rights of the White citizens, since the people would not be voting for socialism voluntarily but would instead have it forced upon them; untold conspiracies to cause bankruptcies, economic instability and political instability. And since socialism is a dangerous ideology (it’s “communism lite”), let’s add: untold numbers of conspiracies to physically endanger the people of the White countries.

And those are just some of the crimes.

Since they are a global mafia, we must demand that our leaders battle the criminals, beginning today. (That’s a joke, of course. As if our leaders would ever work for us. Hence the reason that the elites must be replaced with populists).

[Article] and [Article] (even Peterson is starting to wake up) and [Article].

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