9 February, 2022

Could Trucker Populism Create a New North American Nation?

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This trucker situation is hilarious. The harder the (((elites))) push, the worse it gets for them. They don’t realize that they’re grossly outnumbered, and out-brained as well. Populism is rising and the elites cannot stop that. (However, I would caution the populist movement: do not allow the movement to be hijacked by Jews. They will try to hijack the movement in order to derail it, that’s virtually guaranteed. Therefore, Jews must not be allowed into the top positions of the populist movement).

“In both Canada and the U.S., anti-System sentiment is unmistakably rising among the very people the System depends on. In the ongoing Canadian trucker protest, the Left’s hysterical reaction shows that it is not just neurotic but also totalitarian. In the U.S., there are open shows of contempt by U.S. Border Patrol agents aimed at their own superiors. The future of the English-speaking world may depend on what actual workers and frontline military and law enforcement decide to do when they are given unjust orders from corrupt and hostile Regimes.”


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    1. Pierre Simon Says:

      Jews are already immersed in the truckers movement. Ezra Levant for one, of Rebel News, is everywhere, they are giving him a lot of spotlight, or he is just taking it. He’s in with Tommy Robinson a known Jewish shill. Levant always combats anti-Semitism and defends Israel.