21 February, 2022

Western Religion? Really?

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A great quote from a movie: “Everything he knows is a lie.” What a Cohencidence! Me, too, until recently! That’s what I get for watching network TV for 30 years.

1. The 2,000 Year Old Lie

A quote found on the web:

“Most Western religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, see the absolute as transcendent, beyond, and other.”

Newbies, note this: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not Western religions. They are Levantine religions, from the Levant region, which is the area around Israel and Syria. That’s not the West. The West is the White countries, such as England, France and Germany.

How can smart people (White people) live a lie for 2,000 years?

2. Fascistic Western Religions?

The late actor, Harry Dean Stanton, on religion:

“I can’t relate to the Judaic-Christian concept at all. It’s a fascistic concept. All fear-based. All about there being a boss. Someone in charge. A creator.”

That’s interesting thinking from Stanton: the “Western” religions all spring from Jews in some way and they all feature a wise but powerful god who “lords it over the little people.” He’s the Big Boss and you don’t dare anger him [1].


[1] Judaism and Christianity, of course, spring from the Jews. It was Jews who wrote the Old Testament. But Islam has Jewish roots, too. Both Islam and Judaism spring from Abraham: his son Ishmael is called the “father” of the Arabs, while Abraham’s other son, Isaac, is called the “father” of the Jews. So, from very early in history, Islam had Jewish roots via the Old Testament. Also, the “Western” religions are more violent: quoting someone on the web: “It’s the warlike, megalomaniac Semitic religions that demand bloodshed.”

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