27 March, 2022

Green Idiocy: The Real Reason It Exists

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Liberal #1: “I’m an Idiot!”

Liberal #2: “Me, too!”

Liberal #3: “I’ve been an Idiot since 1990!”

Are you a Green Idiot? A tree-hugger? (I like trees as much as the next guy, but I don’t hug them).

The (Jewish-led) eco-pest movement has grown dramatically since Earth Day 1970. It’s an entire industry now. It even has lobbying groups in Congress. (The mainstream media is a “green lobbying group” all by itself!).

Washington State is now mandating electric cars for the citizens. That means: you have no choice in the matter. Is that democratic? No.

Ironically, electric cars aren’t “green.” The electricity used by the cars must be made, and then put into the cars. That electricity requires the burning of coal (depending on which state you live in), because hydroelectricity alone usually can’t provide enough power for an entire state. Worse, electric cars are expensive, and they take a long time to charge up, and their batteries, when they die, cost a fortune. Furthermore, the making of lithium-ion car batteries is — environmentally speaking — very unfriendly. Electric cars are also slower and have much less range than gas-powered cars. (Ironically, Washington State burns very little coal to make electricity — i.e., most of it comes from hydroelectric power plants — so why force the citizens to buy electric cars? Washington State doesn’t have a pollution problem).

Anyway, Green Idiocy isn’t about “global warming” or “protecting the environment.” (One expert said that the Green New Deal — which would take decades to implement — wouldn’t work despite its many trillions of dollars’ worth of government mandates, e.g., the retrofitting of large cities with “green” technology. The technology used in the Green New Deal retrofitting would be outdated by the time it was half-way completed, and then they’d have to start all over again with new technology) [1].

Green Idiocy is about what every other leftist plan is about: destroying the White middle class via government regulations, mandates and high taxation.

The Left has been waging war on White males since the 1960s. But the Left is growing impatient (i.e., leftists are not Asians, who are known for their patience). There are still a lot of White men in positions of power. This makes the Left nervous. So the Left is increasing its anti-White actions and is now going after all White people: men, women and even children. The White middle class is the backbone of America. The spine. Without the White middle class, America will collapse — thereby creating the perfect excuse to install socialism.



[1] One New York congressman (who is a member of Democratic Socialists of America) wants to spend $446 billion dollars on the green retrofitting of public schools alone. That’s just for schools! Nothing else. You can imagine the cost to retrofit an entire city! And imagine the time it would take to do that! Twenty years? Thirty? More?

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