5 March, 2022

Has Putin Inadvertently Defeated Woke?

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The New World Order gang lost a lot of power when it lost Ukraine (and it has lost it: NATO hasn’t done, and won’t do, anything towards defending Ukraine. NATO has proven itself to be a paper tiger now and I suspect Putin knew it was before he invaded Ukraine. Russia’s nukes mean that Putin won’t ever get “the Gaddafi treatment”; amazing deterrents, nukes are!) [1].

So now, the idea of “regime-changing” Putin via NATO is either dead or nearly so. The idea of turning Russia into an “America in the East” is pretty much over. It seems that negro trannies with orange hair won’t be wandering the streets of Moscow anytime soon. In fact, Putin may become a man that White people look up to since we have no heroes of our own anymore. (Donald Trump could come back and become a hero in 2024, if he changes his behavior from “talking about it” to “actually doing it” — e.g., ending birthright citizenship and the inflationary Federal Reserve system) [2].

“I have written before about how civilizations follow seasonal cycles and about how, based on numerous measures, we are in decline. But the invasion of Ukraine, while of course terrible for the Ukrainian people, could, counter-intuitively, be “good for the West.” It could potentially slow down Western decline via a kind of Silver Age.”


“Thus, in a context of war we would expect Woke concerns to be increasingly ignored and even for the people who voice them to be suppressed.”



[1] Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s vehicle convoy was attacked by NATO jets in 2011 and he was killed shortly after that. Libya was becoming too powerful and too independent and was poised to create an all-African currency and an all-African bank. Big Jew wasn’t having any of that and that’s why Gaddafi was “NATO”ed. France apparently initiated the NATO actions against Libya. This was a crime against a sovereign nation.

[2] “Jus soli” or birthright citizenship: that’s when an illegal alien sneaks into America and gives birth, and her kid automatically becomes a U.S. citizen simply because he was born on U.S. soil. This is total bullshit, but nonetheless it’s been happening since 1868 when the fraudulent 14th Amendment was hatched.

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