3 March, 2022

In a Democracy, Opposition to the New World Order is Not Permitted

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Democracy: also known as “Jewish democracy” (hat tip: Dr. Pierce) [1]. This means: the Jews control the media, the banks, the film industry, and anything else that helps them to multiply political force. The result is that the Jews control all the “chokepoints” in a democracy. It really is “Jewish democracy.” (The Bolsheviks did the same thing in 1917: they didn’t physically control all of Russia, nor did they need to. They simply needed to control the chokepoints of society (telegraph offices, railway stations, major roads, etc.). Once they controlled those, they controlled Russia).

“The first article concerns possible legal consequences for anyone in Germany or Czechia who publicly fails to support Ukraine. I’ve also read that a similar law is in effect in Slovakia, but the penalties are more draconian, with a possible sentence of ten years or more.”



[1] “I’ve said this to you 100 times, but I’ll say it again now, because it
is the single most salient fact of our present situation: Whoever
controls the mass media of news and entertainment is able to control
most of the public’s perception of what is fashionable — in ideas, in
policy, in behavior. And for most of the public, their perception of
what is fashionable determines what they say and do — and to a large
extent what they think. And in a democracy, where people who are easily
manipulated by the media are permitted to vote, whoever controls the
mass media also controls the government, for all practical purposes.” —
Dr. William Pierce, “Jewish Democracy” (American Dissident Voices
Broadcast of September 4, 1999)

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