10 March, 2022

Linder Philosophy: Slurs

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“I have heard this argument many times. My counter-argument is: 1) Most people are like you — they like slurs; 2) the German nationalists used slurs and caricatures to great effect; 3) the Jews use slurs all the time in their media. In a nutshell, people like slurs, slurs get at truths that “neutral” language hides, and slurs work. The average American has no problem with slurs, his problem is with not being respectable. Respectability is a function of mass-media control, it has nothing to do with the way we nationalists frame arguments. I was hated as much as a conservative editorial writer in college as I am now as a “Nazi.” Slurs demonize the other side, stir up and inspire our own, and dammit, I’m going to call the authors of 20,000 baby-rapes ‘niggers’ until the day I die, and the folks who make possible their rapes ‘miserable, feculent yids.’ As Camille Paglia has pointed out, you need both the Apollonian and the Dionysian, the rational and the emotional, and VNN achieves that. We are appear regularly, predictably, and reliably; we are edited professionally and capably by me; and we are dripping full of raucous high spirits, as befits White men on the prowl. I don’t demand that our writers use slurs; that’s up to the individual. Free speech is alive in my heart. I’m not a jew, my ideas can win open fights. I will print letters from Indians or articles from niggers if they help advance White understanding. I provide a forum for people to fight back against the Jews who are at the root of our problems. Give me your letters, your articles, your cartoons, your reviews, and I will arrange them and set them out for potential converts, and I will wrap the whole thing up with daily news. That is the model, and thanks to readers like you, it has worked quite well. My thinking is guided always by the admonition of George Lincoln Rockwell to supply a full range of goods in your ideological grocery store. We need men and women and all the different classes that make up the White nation to prevail. We need facts and a fighting spirit, and slurs encourage our readers to look down on the hip-hopping nogs and their puppetmasters where the Semitic media hold us to hushed genuflection. After all, they supply my credibility — if they weren’t niggers and yids, I’d look awfully stupid calling them such. The man on the stair is there; I can either acknowledge him or pretend he doesn’t exist. VNN doesn’t indulge in self-important, self-effacing twinky bullshit like the jerk-job jibber-jabberers, we go for the jugular with a delightful mix of speed and power. All r stuff is speld rite and gud edited 2; to make a mot point, the opposite of moot, you will never see ‘nigger’ on VNN…misspelled. Rather, we will use our bully pulpit to shout “No Jews.” and we damn well expect every loyal reader to scream back “Just Right.” We are going to win. I know it.”

— Alex Linder, in Reader Mail 72, 2001.

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