17 March, 2022

The Covidians are Doomed

Posted by Socrates in Covid Derangement Syndrome, Covid-19, Covid-19 as a scam, Covid-19 lockdowns, Covid-19 vaccines, Covid-stupid, Covidians at 1:20 pm | Permanent Link

The top Covidians currently have legal immunity from lawsuits. In other words, the officials who pushed the Covid-19 bullshit for 2 years cannot be sued for killing/maiming people. BUT! That will change. How/why? Because that legal immunity was granted under false pretenses and false claims. Look for the top Covidians to be sued, and even imprisoned, once the whole ugly truth comes out.

“In a video interview Wednesday with WND, a former Wall Street executive whose analysis of CDC data shows an alarming rise in deaths among Millennials over the past year amid the COVID vaccine rollout said he’s hoping to start a national conversation that will penetrate an establishment media “blackout” by emboldening people across government and private industry to speak out.”


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