28 March, 2022

The Double Holocaust, and Even Worse

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What was the number of Jews who died in the German-run concentration camps circa 1941-1945? It’s unknown. The magical “6 million” number is so far off-base as to be laughable, and we know that it was arrived at via extrapolation (i.e., guessing) [1]. Let’s call the number of Jewish deaths 100,000, due to a variety of reasons (diseases such as typhus, starvation due to “the allies” [the All Lies] bombing German supply lines [roads, railways] from the air, etc.).

Now, let’s turn our attention to two other holocausts that actually happened and actually mattered from a historical standpoint:

1. The holocausting of Hitler’s Germany (1941-1948). Note that the “allies” didn’t just stop Germany. No, no. They destroyed Germany. Roughly 17 million Germans were killed during and after WWII (many German women were raped and murdered by Soviet troops). Anything having anything to do with nationalism or Nazism (buildings, statues, monuments, books, magazines, etc.) were destroyed. Nazi leaders were executed or imprisoned. Possessing Nazi literature or symbols was made illegal.

2. The first holocaust (above) was then used to create a slower holocaust, one that is still happening right now: the holocausting of White Europe via multiculturalism and non-White immigration. Had Germany won WWII, White racial pride would have remained in Europe and it also would have spread into America and Canada. In other words, the Western world would have remained White if Germany had won the war.

But wait: the situation is even worse than the two holocausts mentioned above:

The Germans were, genetically speaking, a cut above other White people, in at least three ways: collectively, their thought process was very methodical, detailed and logical (which is probably why the communist Jews feared them so much). They had the best engineers in history [2]. And they had very high standards for everything (one guy said: “the Germans are such great engineers because they’re never satisfied with anything”) [3]. Before WWII, Germany had already invented great things like the jet aircraft, the helicopter, audio tape, the microwave oven and supersonic guided missiles. In fact, much of the “American” technology of the 1950s and 1960s was actually German technology which was stolen by the Americans and the other “allies”; indeed, so much technology was stolen from Germany after WWII (3,000 tons of engineering documents!) that one expert said that the value of that technology “could not be calculated in money.” Wow. In fact, double-wow.

So, not only were there two holocausts that were much more severe than the phony, puny “holocausting of the Jews,” but the people who were holocausted were the best and brightest of White people. And again, the second holocaust continues today: the Germans are being holocausted for a second time.


[1] the magical “6 million” number was arrived at via “extrapolation” in 1945 by a Jewish judge and diplomat named Dr. Jacob Robinson [1889-1977]. Interestingly, the number “6 million” has a special significance for the Jews, since they have used it many times throughout history (236 times, to be exact). For example: “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.” — Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the New York Times, June 11, 1900 (this was 40 years before “The Holocaust”).

[2] Here’s a web quote about German engineers: “German engineering companies are famous for their incredible products. They have superior quality and display a skilled craftsmanship that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.” One American aviation expert (don’t recall his name) was examining German airplanes before WWII and he was shocked at the high quality of the engineering and machining. Great examples of German engineering include Mercedes and BMW cars, and firearms such as Lugers and Walthers. Compare Spanish firearms with German firearms. There’s no comparison. German guns are superior. In the 1960s, German-made Puma knives were jaw-dropping in quality; today an old Puma in excellent condition can cost you $600.00 or more.

[3] This is why the “official Holocaust narrative” is nonsense. If the Germans had wanted to “genocide all of the sweet, innocent Jews” they could have, very easily, and could have done so probably within about 2 years. (And why would the Germans waste so much time and effort on “gassing” the Jews with extremely toxic and hazardous cyanide gas when the Soviets had already shown the world a much better and faster way to kill people: mass starvation? And the Soviets didn’t even need to imprison their victims! In other words, the Germans already had a quicker, much cheaper and safer method for mass murder at their disposal! And yet we’re supposed to believe that the Germans wouldn’t use that method?)

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