16 March, 2022

The Health of the Nation

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“There are several things which are important to the health of a nation,
and these things have relatively little to do with shopping malls and
credit cards. Natural resources are important, of course. A country rich
in minerals and land and timber and fresh water is better off than one
with fewer natural resources — other things being equal. Of course, it
is seldom that other things are equal. The countries of Black Africa
have enormously rich natural resources, but health-wise they are all
basket cases. Without the boost given to them by Europeans during the
colonial period, their people still would be eating each other. Some of
them still are, in fact. And since the Europeans gave up on their
colonies, the Africans have been sliding back down into the jungle. They
are unable to take care of themselves. Whenever a natural disaster
occurs, as with the flooding in Mozambique recently, they are dependent
on help from Whites.”


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