1 March, 2022

The Left Signals That Covid is Over, Time to Move On for Political Reasons

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You can only milk something for so long, and then you’ve got to end it. So it is with the Covid-19 Terror: the masks, the mandates, the endless jabs.

Are we supposed to believe that, all of a sudden, in late February 2022, it was just a coincidence that every local, state and federal government agency eased up on the Covid mandates? They all eased mask and vaccine-passport rules at the same time, merely by accident? No, it wasn’t an accident. The liberal elites gave the order to ditch Covid. Campaign season for the Left — for the November 2022 elections — begins soon (most politicians must file “declaration of candidacy” papers by March 1).

After two years of the Covid Terror, of people being killed and injured by a vaccine that wasn’t even a vaccine, of Donald Trump fraudulently being removed from office, of Trump supporters being punished and bankrupted, the Left finally signals that, for political reasons only, the Covid crap is finished and “it’s time to move on.” After all, the Left is politically in deep trouble since the leftists were the prime pushers of the insane Covid lockdowns and mandates. “Let’s move on now” they say, as if nothing really serious happened and they don’t have to pay for all of the damage they caused: the deaths, maimings, bankruptcies, lost jobs, suicides, divorces, fear, humiliation, etc. The Covid Terror was domestic terrorism, plain and simple. Who’s going to pay for all of that? Who’s going to prison for that? Who’s going to be thrown into jail to rot like the “Jan. 6” political prisoners? Anybody? (Probable answer: nobody will pay for the Covid Terror. The Left never pays for its crimes. Look at Cuba: 63 years of endless terror and it’s still run by communist thugs! Where’s the global outrage about Cuba? There isn’t any and there won’t be. Trivia: Cuban thug Fidel Castro visited America at least four times [in 1960, 1979, 1995, 2000], but he wasn’t arrested; Castro executed U.S. citizens and stole American property in Cuba, but he wasn’t ever arrested for that. His brother and partner-in-crime Raul has also visited America, but he wasn’t arrested, either. Being a leftist means “you’ll never spend a day in jail”).

Two news headlines:

“New York City to Lift Vaccine Mandate For Indoor Businesses, Dining and Events”

“California, Washington and Oregon End School Mask Mandates – Just in Time For Biden’s SOTU Address”

[Article], [Article] and [Article].

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