23 April, 2022

First, Gay Pride. Now, Fat Pride

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“If it feels good, it is good! Fat people rule!”

No, fat people don’t rule, and they know it. Because weighing 400 pounds is unhealthy, no matter how many Marxists in the California university system say otherwise. Being fat causes lots of health problems, including heart attacks and diabetes. (But go to any grocery store today and you’ll see some land whale, weighing 450 pounds, pushing a shopping cart full of donuts and soda pop. They aren’t forced to do that. They choose to).

Video: “Crowder Infiltrates ‘FAT STUDIES’ Conference.” [Video, 17 minutes].

(Like all left-wing “liberation” movements, the “Fat Pride” movement was founded by Jews, e.g., Judy Freespirit (born Judith Berkowitz; 1936-2010), who was co-author of the 7-point “Fat Liberation Manifesto” [November 1973]).

More about the Fat Pride movement: [Here].

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