25 April, 2022

Leftism and the Power of the Victim

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All left-wing political movements since circa 1960 use “the power of the victim” as a weapon and tactic. Each leftist movement equals “poor, innocent victims fighting against the evil, White, male power structure” (i.e., feminism, Black civil rights, homosexual rights, etc.). “The power of the victim” is very powerful, since women and minorities identify strongly with outsider status, and they now comprise a large percentage of the American vote in each election.

This “perpetual victim” tactic accomplishes at least two things at once: it demonizes White men and it also creates endless tension and fighting in society, which is a distraction: that provides cover or camouflage for the Jews and the leftists to move about largely unnoticed.

See also Bill Whittle’s video “Victim Worship.”

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