23 April, 2022

Sure, Black Lives Matter, They Say

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God: “And now, to improve the human species, I’m going to create…negroes!” Said God never. Ever. In His lifetime.

Every summer in Chicago, Blacks kill other Blacks wholesale. Nobody knows why. Ditto in other Black cities such as Baltimore. “Black lives matter”? Really? Where do they matter?

Now comes this, from Atlanta, Georgia. This incident was caught on film:

“All On Film: Black Security Guard Randomly Shot In Back Of Head By Black Suspect; Black Witness Shakes Head And Walks Away; Three Blacks Appear And One Steals From Dead Black Security Guard”

Trivia: in Africa, if it isn’t nailed down, it’ll be stolen. Anything. You name it. Blacks will even steal vital water pumps from other Blacks! [1]. They even stole copper from a church roof. They’d steal a crib with a baby still in it. Nothing is safe from theft in Africa. One guy came home and found that his chain-link fence was gone. True story. Blacks will steal anything from other Blacks.



[1] About the common thefts of water-pumps and pump engines in South Africa (northeast of Pretoria): “Polokwane: More than 80,000 of Limpopo’s poorest rural villagers are without water following the theft of six borehole (i.e., water well) pump engines….The thefts have not, however, just been confined to Aganang. A similar spate of thefts in nearby Blouberg prompted local communities to actively guard the pumps during the day, and transport them to safe storage at night.” — from the news article “Thieves cut off water to 80,000”; at News24.com, Limpopo Province, South Africa, 04 Oct. 2006. So, they have to guard water pumps and also lock them up at night to keep other Blacks from stealing them! Black lives matter?? Yeah, right, okay. Where do they matter? Anywhere on earth? In what corner of the globe do Black lives matter?

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