14 April, 2022

The Israeli Involvement in the JFK Assassination, 1963

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Someone once said: “you name the horrible event of the 20th century (WWI, WWII, etc.) and the Jews were behind it.” Yes, the 20th century has been called “the Jewish century.”

And the more terrible events (of the 20th century) that you examine, the more Jews you find; after awhile, you stop being surprised. And to think, the Jews got away with all of them. (Do you realize that WWII killed 60 million people? And that’s just one horrible event! What about all the other horrible events Jews were behind? The rape of Eastern Europe via communism from 1945-onward, for example, or the Vietnam War).

It has long been asserted that president John F. Kennedy was killed by the mafia in Nov. 1963. That’s partly true. But there’s a much bigger and more sinister backstory behind JFK’s murder.

“Some of JFK’s communications with then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are still classified. Not even top-level intelligence officials with special security clearance have been allowed access to these potentially explosive documents.” (That’s curious. Why would that information still be highly-classified in 1995 — 32 years later)?

The Israeli Jew, Yitzhak Shamir, was a member of the Jewish terrorist group Lehi, aka, the Stern Gang. The Israeli Jew, Menachem Begin, was a member of the Irgun, another Jewish terrorist group. The Jew, Meyer Lansky, was a powerful U.S. gangster and a hard-core Zionist. JFK was also “Jew-wise” via his father, Joe Kennedy. It all fits. Israel killed JFK because he was dead set (no pun intended) against Israel getting nuclear weapons (Israel later did get nuclear weapons circa 1967). But JFK’s V.P., Lyndon Johnson, wasn’t against Israel getting nuclear weapons — or if he was, he changed his mind. (Maybe Walt Rostow’s Vietnam War “distracted him” on purpose: “don’t worry about Israel, Lyndon. Focus on Vietnam!”).

More about JFK, Israel, and nukes: [Here]. (You can see the fear and paranoia in the Israelis, about not getting any nuclear weapons, as early as April 1963: “On April 26, [Israeli leader] Ben-Gurion sent a letter to Kennedy warning about the forthcoming destruction of Israel due to the Treaty of Federation signed by Egypt, Syria and Iraq on April 17″; just 7 months later, Kennedy was murdered; Holy Cohencidences Batman!).

(Author Michael Collins Piper died at a motel in May 2015. He was an enemy of powerful Jewish organizations. Quoting Wikipedia: Piper “personally met with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier, during his New York City visit to address the United Nations General Assembly.” Strangely, no autopsy was conducted on Piper).


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