12 April, 2022

The Perversion of Normality, or, Peak Degeneracy

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An imaginary game show on TV:

Host: “Frank, you’re dangerously close to winning $50,000! It’ll be yours, Frank, if you can answer this: name a major ‘gay-rights’ activist who isn’t a Jew.”
Frank: “Uhhhh…wow!…let’s see…uhhhhh….hmmmm….well….that’s a tough one…”
Host: “Six seconds left…”
Frank: “Uhhhhh….hmmmm…that’s a hard one!…I can’t think of one…”
Host: “Ohh, Frank, you came so, so close! Maybe next time, Frank!”

Consider this: while leftism on the whole is very Jewish, the “sex related” movements of leftism (homosexual rights, trannyism, “second-wave” feminism circa 1963-1980) are particularly Jewish, to a severe degree. A list of major activists in those movements would reveal them to be 98% Jewish. (The only major “queer activist” who wasn’t a Jew was Harry Hay, but nonetheless he was married to a Jew at some point in his life).

“Bolton opens by taking aim at de Sade and Freud, identifying the latter as “one of the primary influences of the modern epoch. …Freudianism, combined with Marxism and heavily revised (i.e., Cultural Marxism), has been a lethal formula for deconstructing the primary customs, ethos, traditions and faith of the West.” In fact, “the Freudo-Marxian world revolution has been more enduring and encompassing than Bolshevism, while ‘conservatives’ were worried about a ‘Moscow plot.’” In Bolton’s view, the clique responsible for bringing Freudo-Marxian thought to America is the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research.”


“Much of this control was to be achieved by tackling what Erich Fromm called “the pathology of normalcy.” Bolton writes that the Frankfurt School advanced the idea that the way to mental health was to cut the individual from the ‘primary ties’ and set him adrift to pursue what in the parlance of the allied field of humanistic psychology becomes self-actualisation, regardless of where that leads, as in the self-actualised examples of the Marquis de Sade, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones; all paragons of liberalism. Should the individual become unhinged, the therapeutic state would be there to offer — or impose — the direction needed to reach the nirvana of ‘freedom’ and ‘happiness.’”

[Book Review/Article].

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