26 April, 2022

Yes, It Is About Donald Trump

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Consider: Google search results today (“hits”) using the exact phrase: “twitter trump” = 520 million hits (in all categories), and 190 million hits (in news only).

I was suspicious when the first thing out of 7 top Jews’ mouths (er, keyboards) after Elon Musk bought Twitter was “is Trump going to be allowed back on Twitter?” Thar she blows! Moby! The big obsession! The whole enchilada!

One fellow said, about a year ago, “everything bad that’s going on today is about Trump.” Yes. The censorship of social media, the Covid lockdowns, the Covid “vaccine” mandates, Jan. 6 — it was all about weakening support for Trumpism (i.e., right-wing populism), which scares the crap out of the Jews. It’s true. In fact, Jews lie awake in bed at night saying over and over, “we can’t allow Trump to be president again!” “We can’t allow Trump to be president again!” One Jew even said that, more or less, on TV. The Jews are obsessed with Trump. Not just Trump, but him and his 100 million gun-owning, White followers who are “secret anti-Semites” (many are, because they’re smart and well-read). Just listen to the hysterical language of the Jews about Twitter right now: references to Hitler, fascism, Nazi Germany, etc., etc.

It’s all about Trump and Trumpism. Indeed, the next election, and the next one, will be about Trump and his followers.

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