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31 March, 2015

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[…] “Toaff made the mistake of approaching the topic (i.e., Jewish ritual murder) with a greater than usual amount of objectivity, and discovered that small sects of ultra-orthodox Jews did use blood during Passover rituals, and believed in the magical properties of children’s blood in particular. He also made the incendiary claim that confessions wrought […]

21 February, 2007

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All this talk about the Jewish Professor admitting ritual murder did exist ARTICLE ADL suggests it’s time for a song:

13 February, 2007

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History’s Iron Law: Atrocities alleged by jews turn out to be false; atrocities alleged against jews turn out to be true. As with Jackstein-the-Ripper, so with Little Hugh, victim of Jewish Ritual Murder.

23 December, 2006

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The Jewish Ritual Murder of Andrei in Kiev, Ukraine A massive 830-page book about the Jewish Ritual Murder of Andrei Youshchinsky has just been published in Russia: You can click on the chapter headings to see more, though it’s all in Russian.