13 February, 2007

History’s Iron Law

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History’s Iron Law:

Atrocities alleged by jews turn out to be false; atrocities alleged against jews turn out to be true.

As with Jackstein-the-Ripper, so with Little Hugh, victim of Jewish Ritual Murder.

Official: Jack the Ripper identified

Scotland Yard has taken possession of a policeman’s memoirs which names the serial killer

By Stewart Tendler

PRIVATE handwritten notes by the man who led the hunt for Jack the Ripper naming the chief suspect were given to Scotland Yard’s Black Museum yesterday.

Chief Inspector Donald Swanson kept quiet for years but in retirement, frustrated that the murderer had escaped justice, could not resist scribbling notes in the margin of his boss’s memoirs, naming the man that they both believed had become the world’s most famous serial killer.

The man he named was Aaron Kosminski, a Polish-Jewish hairdresser living in Whitechapel, East London, who was eventually committed to a lunatic asylum, where he died.

According to Swanson the police were so convinced that Kosminski was the killer of at least five prostitutes in the 1880s that they organised a secret identity parade at a police rest home. The witness was a Jew who was said to have refused to give evidence.

Swanson made his notes in a book called The Lighter Side of My Official Life by Sir Robert Anderson, who was an assistant commissioner, for whom Swanson became staff officer.

Sir Robert said as a “definitely ascertainable fact” that the killer was a Polish Jew. He said that the only person who ever had a good view of the killer “unhesitantly identified the suspect the instant he was confronted but refused to give evidence”.

Mr Swanson wrote: “Because the suspect was also a Jew and also because his evidence would convict the suspect and witness would be the means of murderer being hanged — which he did not wish to be left on his mind.”

He said that the suspect had been taken by police to the rest home for the identification and that Kosminski knew he had been identified. He was taken back to his brother’s home in Whitechapel and police kept a secret watch.

Eventually he had to be taken, bound, to a workhouse and then to an asylum where he died “shortly afterwards”. Swanson wrote: “Kosminski was the suspect.”

Yesterday as the Swanson family handed over the book with its margin notes to the Yard’s refurbished Crime Museum, Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Lovelock, who heads detective training and the museum, said that the identification was very interesting.

Mr Lovelock said that the name had been mentioned before and the margin notes were revealed some years ago but he believed that they were significant.

Nevill Swanson, the Victorian detective’s grandson, said; “My grandfather thought he had got his man but never nailed him.”

Yard researches suggested that Kosminski was arrested by police after he threatened his sister with a knife and they were struck by his resemblance to descriptions of the Ripper.

But he was considered too mentally ill to be questioned, He was taken in the care of his brother to a Yard police rest home in Brighton and the identity parade was held there.


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    1. alex Says:

      Bar-Ilan professor who claimed Jews used Christian blood in Passover ceremonies defends his book: ‘I will fight for my truth, even if I am crucified’
      By Ofri Ilani

      The author of a book on the use of blood by Jews in Ashkenazi communities in the Middle Ages said yesterday, in the face of the furor its publication aroused, “I will not give up my devotion to the truth and academic freedom even if the world crucifies me.”

      In an interview with Haaretz from Rome, Professor Ariel Toaff said he stood behind the contention of his book, “Pasque di Sangue,” just published in Italy, that there is a factual basis for some of the medieval blood libels against the Jews. However, he said he was sorry his arguments had been twisted.

      “I tried to show that the Jewish world at that time was also violent, among other things because it had been hurt by Christian violence,” the Bar-Ilan history professor said. Of course I do not claim that Judaism condones murder. But within Ashkenazi Judaism there were extremist groups that could have committed such an act and justified it,” he said.


      Toaff said he reached his conclusions after coming across testimony from the trial for the murder of a Christian child, Simon of Trento, in 1475, which in the past was believed to have been falsified. “I found there were statements and parts of the testimony that were not part of the Christian culture of the judges, and they could not have been invented or added by them. They were components appearing in prayers known from the [Jewish] prayer book.

      “Over many dozens of pages I proved the centrality of blood on Passover,” Toaff said. “Based on many sermons, I concluded that blood was used, especially by Ashkenazi Jews, and that there was a belief in the special curative powers of children’s blood. It turns out that among the remedies of Ashkenazi Jews were powders made of blood.”

      Although the use of blood is prohibited by Jewish law, Toaff says he found proof of rabbinic permission to use blood, even human blood. “The rabbis permitted it both because the blood was already dried,” and because in Ashkenazi communities it was an accepted custom that took on the force of law, Toaff said. There is no proof of acts of murder, Toaff said, but there were curses and hatred of Christians, and prayers inciting to cruel vengeance against Christians. “There was always the possibility that some crazy person would do something.”

      Toaff said the use of blood was common in medieval medicine. “In Germany, it became a real craze. Peddlers of medicines would sell human blood, the way you have a transfusion today. The Jews were influenced by this and did the same things.

      “In one of the testimonies in the Trento trial, a peddler of sugar and blood is mentioned, who came to Venice,” Toaff says. “I went to the archives in Venice and found that there had been a man peddling sugar and blood, which were basic products in pharmacies of the period. A man named Asher of Trento was also mentioned in the trial, who had ostensibly come with a bag and sold dried blood. One of the witnesses said he was tried for alchemy in Venice and arrested there. I took a team to the archives and found documentation of the man’s trial. Thus, I found that it is not easy to discount all the testimony,” he added.

      Toaff, who will be returning to Israel today, said he was very hurt by accusations that his research plays into the hands of anti-Semitic incitement. “I am being presented like the new Yigal Amir. But one shouldn’t be afraid to tell the truth.” Toaff also said, “unfortunately my research has become marginal, and only the real or false implications it might have are being related to. I directed the research at intelligent people, who know that in the Jewish world there are different streams. I believe that academia cannot avoid dealing with issues that have an emotional impact. This is the truth, and if I don’t publish it, someone else will find it and publish it.”

      Still, Toaff says he is sorry he did not explain some of the points in his book more clearly.

      He claims that he has been making the same arguments for a long time. “After 35 years of research, I have not become a stupid anti-Semite, and have not published a book to make money.”

      In any case, Toaff says he believes his findings have current implications. “Extremists in the past brought disaster on us by false accusations. I wanted to show that hatred and incitement of this kind can develop, because there will always be someone who will take advantage of it.”

      Meanwhile, Bar-Ilan University announced yesterday that its president, Professor Moshe Kaveh, will summon Toaff to explain his research. The university’s statement said it strongly objected to what was implied in media publications regarding Toaff’s research, and condemned “any attempt to justify the terrible blood libels against the Jews.” However, the university also reiterated that Toaff was among the senior lecturers in his field in Israel and internationally.


    2. alex Says:

      A jew anywhere threatens Aryans everywhere.


    3. jimbo Says:

      “I took a team to the archives and found documentation of the man’s trial”

      ‘Toaff’ joins the long-line of truth-tellers re: those who have un-earthed the truth abt jews in ‘dem dar archives’;

      i wonder, however, if this is all not some sort of ‘damage control’ on the part of the jews?

      this sort of info’ re: accusations of ‘blood libels’ vis a vis the jews is too wide-spread on the ‘net’ now & known to too many ppl for the jews-media in any form to ignore it!

      i’m a bit dubious abt white children still being kidnapped in this day & age for use in these satanic jew rituals….how-ever: i’m certain that many white children are kidnapped by vrs jew pornographers to be used in child porn’ and, l8r, conveniently murdered and disposed of…..a MUCH MORE LIKELY SCENARIO….also: considering the profit motive: follow the cash: find a kike!

    4. Briseis Says:

      Many witnesses of the time say that
      “jack” appeared foreign looking- which , because most of east end London were white northern Euro types, this points to anyone different from the default. Also many support the theory there was more than person involved, although it is believed only one actual ‘ripper’. Having a tight social network would be consistent with the Jews of the time-
      The MO of the killings, mostly beginning with throat slashing is also consistent with “kosher slaughter”, the letting of the blood, etc…

      Because it was advised the message written on the Goulston St wall be erased, there came to be 2 versions of what was actually written, one that makes sense, (see link, first message) and seems more characteristic of the spoken English slang-talk of the time, and one that does not make sense and seems overly wordy for the ‘downwardly mobile’ general population, and almost as if a more clever person had added to the original message.


      Having an interest in the case, and how people lived in that time and place, I wrote a poem about the whole mess-

    5. Alzhymier's Says:

      “Of course I do not claim that Judaism condones murder.”

      Surely not.

      “The witness was a Jew who was said to have refused to give evidence.”

      Why can’t we be friends like that?

    6. Michael Mavros Says:

      Anyone who reads the transcripts during the interrogation of the jews in the Damascus murder of the Catholic priest and his Arab servant will know that the blood libel is true. During the investigation the Jews confessed where the remains of the two men could be found so no excuse can be given that they were tortured. You can find and read this case at J.R.’s Rare Books site on the internet.

    7. Dave Jones Says:

      In 1279 one of the most infamous instances of jewish ritual child murder was commited not ten miles from where I live. The case is extremely well documented and beyond refute. Records state that 50 of the perpetrators were horse dragged and hanged. Wish I could have seen that spectacle.

      This vile inhuman practice did happen. It still happens to this day, just read you local papers and join the dots. The kike is death to the Aryan race, always has been, always will be, until we rid ourselves of their presence once and for all.

    8. Hans Schneider Says:

      why do you think there were constant progroms in Eastern Europe year after year and finally when WW2 was won, hundred thousands of Jews fled the eastern european countries to go to North America and Israel ?

    9. Misanthrope Says:

      In Patricia Cornwell’s 2002 book, Portrait of A Killer, Jack The Ripper Case Closed, Cornwell identifies Walter Sickert, a German, as “Jack The Ripper.” Aaron Kosminski is mentioned only once in her 379 page book, as being “a Polish Jew” who was one of three main suspects. However, in her book there is a photostatic copy of a letter written by “Jack The Ripper”, wherein in his own hand he wrote “Jack a Poland Jew … Better known as Jack the ripper.” Cornwell makes no attempt to explain this letter, and her case against Sickert, contrived from the start, is totally unconvincing.

    10. zoroastro Says:

      why is one not surprised that “jack the ripper” was of a self-chosen tribe? is there any muck pile anywhere that the chosenites do not have their murderous paws in?

    11. white_skelet Says:

      Well, I’ve seen movies with Jack the Ripper, guess what, he didn’t look Jewish in the movies…

    12. alex Says:

      Hollywood made a movie about JTR a few years ago, starring Johnny Depp. It reversed the truth – the mob was made out to be anti-Semitic, poower trembling jews on the verge of genocide if the cops let loose any hint a jew was involved.