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27 April, 2020

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Muslim yelling over public loudspeakers at 6:00 AM: “Alli walli…aaaaaaaaa…dilli dalli…whamma rammi…slimmi slammi…aaaaaaaaa…alli balli, polli wolli…aaaaaaaaaa…wiggi walli weeni balli…aaaaaaaaaaaa…” Tourist #1: “Excuse me, are we in Egypt?” Tourist #2: “No, Minneapolis.” A White country that allows thousands of Muslims into it will soon perish: these Brown urchins will outbreed Whites very quickly, in addition to […]

9 January, 2015

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“This attack – the deadliest terrorist attack on French soil in 50 years – may well pitch the country into profound crisis, because it crystallizes what everybody knows. France has a serious Muslim problem, a serious immigration problem and a serious terrorism problem…” Why mention only Muslims? Jews have done even more harm to France […]

12 September, 2014

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The Muslim killer was apparently motivated to commit violence against Americans by the Zionist actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. In other words, Jews indirectly killed this White man by launching American misadventures in the Middle East. This is nothing new, by the way. The infamous “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid, was also motivated by Zionist […]